Avenam Links International Limited is an indigenous company formally incorporated and registered in Nigeria, as a Limited Company in 2008. The company was established and equipped with full professional Engineer to undertake the businesses of Project execution and consultancy services having diverse interest in the areas of Engineering, Agriculture, Environment, and training. Our team of experts proffers unique solution to a broad spectrum of clients in and outside



Large and Medium Scale Biogas Plant

Biogas Sewage Treatment Plant for Human Waste Management

Medium and Large Biogas Plant


LED Solar Street Light – 20-80 watts

All-In-One Integrated Solar Street

Solar Street Light – 20-120 Watts

All-In-One Integrated Solar Street Light

Solar Home system – 500W to 10000W

Mono Crystalline Solar System for home

Off-Grid Solar Power System

1000-6000 watts

On-Grid Solar Power System

500-10000 watts

Off-Grid Solar Power System

500-6000 watts

Drinking water purifying system

4-Gallon Counter-top

Vitality 4-Gallon Zen water Purifying System. turns your tap water to alkaline water from the comfort of your home

4 Gallon Pulse System – Zen Water System

Drinking water purifying system. No more lifting and replacing empty water bottles for your dispenser.

Ceramic Dome Filter

Replacement filter for Zen water purifying system

5-Stage Mineral Filter

Replacement filter for Zen water system

Mineral Stone Case 

Zen water system replacement mineral stone case


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